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Scalars and Vectors

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Here i have listed all our lectures for scalars and vector and it’s numerical (in Urdu language).
All lectures are valid for all boards of Pakistan; if any student needs solution for any problem you can always email me
Scalars and Vectors Introduction Part 1 of 2

Scalars and Vectors Introduction PART 2 of 2

Numerical 1 Scalars and Vectors Q) Draw the representative line of the following which choosing some suitable scale?
(1) 10 N force at an angle of 45 degree east of north.
(11) 60 Kilometer per hour velocity in the direction 30 degree with x-axis.
… (more info) (less info)

Numerical 2 Scalars and Vectors Q) A football player runs 20m towards opponent’s goal and following the football and comes
back 10m from where he again runs 5m straight forward. What his total distance covered?
How much is his net displacement from the starting point?

Numerical 4 Scalars and Vectors Q) A man walked 6 kilometer towards east and then 13 kilometer towards north.How far away he is from the starting point and what is his direction?